Saturday, February 18, 2017

dateline ... Midwinter 2017
KITCHENER, Southern Ontario
To announce and proclaim our POST CARD MEMORIES event
• A Show and Sale of antique and modern postcards [see our Flyers]
• Growing! now the largest in southwestern Ontario! [see our Flyers]
• Since 2012: making it our "Volume VI" [that's #6 see our Flyers]
• & what about Paper Ephemera? [see  our Flyers]
• Or: read on ... a little further .. . [in this blog]


Our followers have noted a ' creeping socialism' in PCM.
In fact, they have endorsed and welcomed this tweaking.
Our quality only platform has seen an approval of PAPER
material such as: stereo-views; photographs; documents;
maps; local histories; stamps+covers (ie postal history)
Not confirmed at press-time: we are negotiating the arrival

of a veteran specialist dealer in genealogical research TBA

and the really big news for PCM 2017 is a world-class Book Launch
(Never done this - never before had the opportunity!)
That's the name of the book; authored by acclaimed sports historian Greg Oliver
Greg is a locally raised (K-W) boy; as, of course was the subject of the biography.
Fr. David was a one of the "Bauers" of Waterloo; gained fame at St. Mike's in
Toronto; followed a spiritual path to the priesthood; and an indelible path to the
Hockey Hall of Fame. BAUER remains an iconic name locally and, indeed on a
majority of "NHL blades-on-ice" and flashing on any HNIC game
[editorial note: possibly to be appearing at the 2018 Olympics TBA]
The Bauer name is of long-standing and well-known fame in, Kitchener-Waterloo.
And we haven't even touched on the hockey career of Bobby Bauer, he of the
Boston Bruins legendary 'Kraut Line'. (the recently passed 'Milt' Schmidt had
always maintained his wingman Bobby was the "brains" of the Schmidt-Bauer-Dumart
trio) [permit another editorial aside: the “Kraut line" finished one-two-three
in the NHL scoring stats for the year – check out some website somewhere
for verification]
Brains, grit and dedication are hallmarks of Bauers and hockey. You will find
this and much more in this 'more-than-your-typical-hockey-bio-for-profit' book.
A good read, colour pix and well-researched by an established sports author.
As they say: "At the printer's now"
Release date is MARCH 19th *
* Author present for signing and first sales of the book 9:30 am to 4pm has further info